Healthy food has never been more important

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping you home, it is critical for you – both mentally and physically – to keep healthy eating on track and be able to get the nutrition you need while minimizing exposure.

Cell phone showing Zipongo app.

WellFirst Health Plan, in partnership with Foodsmart, helps simplify the process through custom grocery lists, discounts on healthy food and even connects members with full meal delivery services.

On average, each of us make more than 200 food decisions in a day. The food choices you make add up over time to either promote health and wellness or contribute to the development of chronic medical problems.

Nutrition-related chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease account for 76% of all physician visits and 91% of all prescriptions filled. Healthy food choices can reverse chronic disease, help you lose weight and, ultimately, help lower your healthcare costs.

Stay as healthy as possible by getting great nutrition from the comfort of your home.

Sign up now with your member number, and get access to grocery delivery, meals services and much more.

Learn about Foodsmart®

Foodsmart is a digital nutrition tool. Their mobile app and website sync with a database of nutrition data, more than 1 million recipes, and smart suggestion software. Through their platform, Foodsmart creates highly personalized recommendations for each user. 

For technical support and questions about the app, contact Foodsmart.


Discounts offered are separate from your insurance benefit. Any expenses paid do not apply toward your maximum out-of-pocket.