Oklahoma Partner Perks


Body Language Gym and Personal Training
15101 Lleytons Ct., Suite 105 | Edmond 405-285-4876
50% off any membership. (Classes only reg. $75. Deluxe reg. $85)

Oklahoma City

Anytime Fitness
2820 NW 122nd St. | Oklahoma City 405-608-0221
10% off monthly membership at activation fee.

Santa Fe Family Life Center
6300 North Santa Fe Ave. | Oklahoma City 405-840-1817
$25 per month for a 6-month single fitness membership. No application fees or annual dues. (includes fitness, basketball, pool, pickleball)

Warr Acres

The Weight Room
5559 NW Expressway | Warr Acres 405-943-7600
No enrollment fee. $30 per month for all inclusive.


Discounts offered are separate from your insurance benefit. Any expenses paid do not apply toward your maximum out-of-pocket.