Health Assessment

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Health empowerment starts here

Better health begins with better information. The Health Assessment is a guided questionnaire that gives you a snapshot of your overall health, based on the information you provide.

Answer some simple questions and get a realistic, confidential action plan for how to improve your well-being. Your assessment is also used to personalize your Living Healthy portal experience. That means WebMD’s robust trackers and self-management tools are customized to your unique needs and goals.

After completing your assessment, you’ll earn 500 points toward your Living Healthy rewards!* A $50 value! Rewards restart each calendar year. SSM Health employees are not eligible.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to your WellFirst Health member portal. If you are a first-time user and have your member number from your ID card handy. After you are completely logged in to your account and you have selected your WellFirst Health plan, click the "LIVING HEALTHY" link. A new tab will open and you will be prompted to take the health assessment.
    • Be sure to save your progress as you work your way through the assessment. You may select various question categories to go back to sections and review your answers.
  2. Enter your most recent health screening results into the assessment. You can find these results from an onsite screening offered by your employer (if available) or from a clinic visit by logging into your MyChart account.
    • Health screening results include height, weight and blood pressure.
    • Enter your labs, including cholesterol values (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides) and blood sugar level. These levels are not required fields.
  3. After you’ve answered all the questions and entered your health screening results, click “Finalize” to complete your assessment.

* Check with your plan administrator for reward point offerings specific to your plan. SSM Health employees are not eligible.

WellFirst Health takes privacy seriously. We comply with all provisions of the HIPAA privacy rule. Information you disclose in your Health Assessment is not sold for marketing purposes or shared with your health care provider(s). Your employer may receive an aggregate report from WellFirst Health, which includes summarized data from everybody in the group (no personally identifiable information is included). This information helps your employer in offering other health & wellness programs for your workplace. WellFirst Health may contact you to offer programs, services and educational information to help guide you toward improved health. You are not required to participate in any of these programs.