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Information for new members

It's easy to get started with your new health insurance plan. We remove the complicated parts. Here's how to get the most out of being a member.


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Choose your provider

Selecting your primary care provider now makes it easier when you want to schedule a doctor visit. Find a provider near you. 

Find a doctor
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Schedule a visit

You should schedule an annual preventive office visit. But if you need care before that, use our online directory to find a  primary care clinic.

Be sure you transfer your medical records from your old clinic to your new one. You need to fill out an Authorization to Release Protected Health Information Form. You'll find a copy of this form in your Personal Information Kit or you can request a copy from your old clinic.
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Choosing the right care

When should you go to your primary care provider versus urgent care or ER? Or should you try a Virtual Visit? 

Usually, your first choice for care should be your PCP. Your provider is most familiar with you and your medical history. Plus, an office visit is the most cost-effective method of care.

Find out more about getting the right care in the right place.