Agent licensing

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Work together with WellFirst Health to help your business grow and succeed—and to help your clients with their health.

Why partner with WellFirst Health?

Become a WellFirst Health agent

To become a prospective WellFirst Health agency or agent, submit the following:

WellFirst Health reviews applications for agencies or brokers periodically throughout the year. To be considered as a partner, submit the following:

  • Agency Information Sheet
  • Attach a letter of intent including:
    • Background of agency
    • Sales expectations
    • Geographic location(s)
    • Sales history
    • Mission statement
    • Any additional information that helps us determine if our partnership will be an effective one
Submit a completed agent appointment sheet and a copy of your current accident and health license.
Agent appointment sheet - Illinois
Agent appointment sheet – Missouri

Send your information to:

If you have questions, call us at 877-317-3046.